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      Want to avoid GMOs and other toxic food ingredients? Then get our unique new mobile app that puts YOU in control. (Last chance - ONLY available before we launch at the end of summer)

      Wotsinit logo

      Would you like to know INSTANTLY Wotsinit? before you buy that product in your hands?

      Would you like to know INSTANTLY which products have ingredients you do not want in your body but that are hidden in the small print (again are hidden in the small print)

      We are working on that ever so slowly because of very limited available funds, this is where we need your help.

      Our iPhone and Android app "Wotsinit?" is currently in development and will be launched in the coming weeks.

      Designed to help consumers identify toxic ingredients in their food, Wotsinit? will be the easiest, quickest and most definitive method of identifying exactly WHAT is in the food you are buying and WHAT effects those ingredients could have on you.

      If you would like to help us ensure that we can get Wotsinit? completed and launched as quickly as possible, please consider making a small donation, with which we can pay developers to accelerate our project.

      If enough people donate even £1.50 (about $2), we'll be able to launch the project in a matter of weeks, which would be great news for EVERYONE!


      NHIC Founder, February 2015


      The results of our recent survey are overwhelming - over 97% of you want help to identify the nasties lurking in your food. That is now our top-priority mission.

      If you'd like to take the survey for yourself, you can do so at the link below - we'd love to hear how we can help YOU most.

      Toxic Food Ingredients Survey

      Or, if you'd like to help us get started, we'd REALLY appreciate it and we'll GIVE you a free subscription to the app as a thank-you (when we launch it) . . . . and MORE . . .  see below


      The app will use your facebook ID to authenticate your gift subscription, so please take care to use the correct email address.

      £1.50 Donation                         Click here ----->

      Our gift to you - a free lifetime subscription to Wotsinit (when we launch)

      £5 Donation                             Click here ----->

      Our gift to you - as above plus all future products at wholesale price
      PLUS Beta program early-access to the app to help us fine-tune it before launch

      £25 Donation                           Click here ----->

      Our gift to you - as above plus a permanent  "thank you" listing on our website, to show the World how much we appreciate your support.

      Other amount - you choose!      Click here ----->

      Nearly Done!

      Do you know anyone with allergies, food sensitivities or who just wants to avoid toxic gunk?

      Your friends can benefit from Wotsinit? too! Please use the link below to share this page on Facebook, so that we can reach more people and launch sooner than ever. Thanks!

      Natural Health Information Centre

NatHealthInfo on Twitter
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