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      SARS - a theat to World health?

      No-one can have escaped the news coverage of the SARS "epidemic" in the far eat since March 2003. Clearly, some hundreds of people have dies from this "new", "dangerous", "mutated", "viral", "disease".

      But is "SARS" new? Is it "dangeous"? Is it even a virus? And, perhaps most importantly, is it an "epidemic"?

      Firstly. let us consider what and "epidemic" really is. To be an epidemic, a disease should affect over 120 people per head of population. Let's compare that to "SARS".

      How many did "SARS" affect - 1/50? 1/100? 1/200? 1/500?

      According to the official statistics, SARS affected not more than 1 in 10 million Chinese. Officially! That is NOT an epidemic.

      So. What exactly IS "SARS"?

      Read this excellent article by Stephen Ransom of the Campaign for Truth in Medicine to find out.

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      What are the media saying about Bird Flu?

      Here's the kind of nonsense being reported today about SARA / H5N1 Bird Flu!


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