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      Modern medicine - the answer to your problems...or the cause of them?

      Everyone knows that medicine has made huge advances over recent years and that modern medicine is the best we've ever had........ don't they?  Well, actually.....NO!

      What do you think is the single biggest cause of death in the United States?

      Heart Disease? NO! (although many would have us believe it is!)

      Cancer? NO! (in fact, almost ALL cancer patients die of their treatment, NOT the cancer itself!)

      So what is it?, what kills more people every year than cancer or heart disease?

      You've never heard of it, it never makes the news and Doctors will never tell you about it, but the single biggest cause of death in the USA is.......

      Iatrogenic death

      or, to you and me.....

      Death caused by Doctors

      It's official, Doctors kill more people through mistakes, drug side-effects, hospital infections, botched surgical procedures (many of which are totally unnecessary) and other important "treatments" than any of the "diseases" they claim to treat! (and that's WITHOUT including the huge number of cancer patients killed by their "treatment").

      How can this be true?  Surely modern medicine is the most technologically advanced, capable and freely available we have ever had?  Well, yes....and no!

      Whilst it is true that technological advancements have continued to bring new possibilities to modern medicine, many of these "advances" are questionable, either in terms of their necessity, their results or their practical application.  At the same time, centuries (and sometimes millenias) old, proven forms of medicine have been ignored, shelved and increasingly rediculed by a pharmaceutical-basd organisation that doesn't understand them...and doesn't want to.

      Even when convincing and consistent natural treatments are brought to light that are FAR more successful than their modern, pharmaceutical alternatives, the powers that be in modern medicine not only ridicule them, but REFUSE to even study them - so much for their interest in human health!

      How can this be?  Surely Doctors are the most altruistic of beings, determined to help others at every opportunity?

      Well, yes.  And again, no.  Whilst many, perhaps even the majority of Doctors see their role as providing help to the needy, their hands are hopelessly tied (and their education directed) by Government, regulatory authorities and research bodies that are ENTIRELY under the control of the industrial and pharmaceutical giants.

      It is a sad fact that virtually 100% of ALL medical education (both under-graduate and post-graduate) is paid for either directly or indirectly by the pharmaceutical industry.  As such, the industry can control the educational agenda and our doctors are now taught little except how to control the symptoms of disease, preferably with long-term drug use.  It is not the Doctors themselves that are at fault, but the pharmaceutical marketing system that trains them.

      Now lets think about what that means.

      EVERY Doctor, regardless of his / her own convictions, is taught that the way to treat disease is to use drugs, often without even considering the underlying causes of the disease.


      • High blood pressure (hypertension). Modern medicine uses various drugs to drop the blood pressure - without considering why the body had elevated it in the first place.
      • Angina - Modern medicine uses drugs to "cover-up" the symptoms of angina and other forms of heart diease, without telling you you can actually reverse the damage that is causing it!
      • High Cholesterol - modern medicine uses drugs to artifically force lower cholesterol levels, without thinking about WHY the body raised them in the first place (clue: it is a defensive mechanism!)
      • Depression - modern medicine dopes adults and (increasingly) kids with toxic drugs to cover up pyschiatric / psychological issues that are caused by malnutrition, plain and simple. (specifically, a chronic lack of omega-3 fatty acids)

      Yet the few who are prepared to speak out against these giant corporations are shunned by their own colleagues, whose blinkered, self-serving attitudes are exactly what their pharmaceutical bosses want to see.  Take these examples.

      1. Dr Weston A Price, who proved beyond all doubt that the chronic diseases we have seen emerge in the 20th century are largely caused by our increasingly poor nutrition, and that in 26 separate "primitive" societies, these diseases DO NOT EXIST - until you give them a Western diet!  He was IGNORED by modern medicine.
      2. Dr Linus Pauling, one of the few people EVER to win TWO Nobel prizes, who showed not only that ischaemic heart disease is nothing more than chronic scurvy (Vitamin C deficiency), but that ALL CHRONIC DISEASE is caused by mineral deficiencies.  Modern medicine ridiculed his results without even studying them, but has no answer to his success in treating patients.
      3. Dr Mary Enig (author of Know Your Fats : The Complete Primer for Understanding the Nutrition of Fats, Oils and Cholesterol), one of the pioneer scientists involved in assessing the role of various fats in heart disease and cancer in the 1950s, who proved that saturated fats (in butter, cheese, eggs and meat) PROTECT against these diseases, whilst the unnatural hydrogenated vegetable oils used in margerines (and virtually all prepared foods) CAUSE the very problems they are supposed to prevent.  She was shunned by the modern medicine establishment and all research funding was withdrawn, despite the fact that the evidence fully backed her up.

      And these are just a few examples from many cases where modern medicine is so entrenched in its pharmaceutical-based "symptom treatment" paradigm that it has totally lost all interest in PRVENTING disease, which is exactly what Natural Medicine is all about.

      As if they weren't enough, the pharmaceutical industry, through its pressure group, Codex Alimentarius, is now trying to ban the very minerals and vitamins that can prevent and treat disease - fight it!

      So what can you do about it?

      The answer is very simple - make sure you are informed about your health problems, and make sure your Doctor, or other health care professional is informed too.  If your Doctor doesn't undestand the importance of nutrition, find another Doctor who does.

      • Establish a routine of basic nutrition, which in many cases is enough to stop many "chronic diseases" in their tracks.
      • If you already suffer from a "chronic disease", don't just accept lifelong treatment, find out which deficiencies are implicated and (if basic nutrition for a few months doesn't do the job) correct them, you will be amazed at the results. Contact us for more information
      • Be prepared for the long term - most "diseases" take years to develop, they WILL take time to recover from too.
      • Join the Alliance for Natural Health, who are working to undo the illegal Eurpoean Directive on Food Supplements (ESPECIALLY if you are in the USA - the EU law is a prototype intended for the US to follow)

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