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      HIV AIDS

      No-one can have escaped the controversy surrounding the recent decision by South Africa to provide anti-retroviral drugs to the massive number of HIV AIDS sufferers in that country. Many will consider this to be a victory for the HIV AIDS lobby in South Africa, but is it?

      Or are we about to see a massive jump in AIDS deaths from the use of these dangerous, toxic drugs.

      The following is a summary of what the public generally believes about AIDS today:

      • AIDS is a disease arising from an infection from the virus known as HIV.
      • The virus is spread in humans either through promiscuous, unprotected homosexual sex, through sexual contact with an HIV-infected member of the opposite sex, through the sharing of intravenous drug users' contaminated needles or through contaminated blood supplies.
      • Pregnant women who test positive can pass the virus on to their unborn child
      • HIV can also be transmitted to the baby outside of the womb through breast-feeding.
      • The AIDS test is a simple and accurate method of detecting HIV.
      • In the West, HIV infection is spreading among women and heterosexual men and is increasing exponentially every year.
      • Drugs are available to treat AIDS patients but they are very expensive. A new range of anti-HIV drugs, the 'protease inhibitors', are now believed to be more effective.
      • AIDS is devastating the Third World.
      • There is currently no cure for AIDS.

      With the exception of AIDS drugs being expensive, everything you have just read in the above summary is ENTIRELY FALSE and has no scientific validity whatsoever.

      In this astonishing new book, FIND OUT...

      • Why, in spite of the millions it has spent, medical science still cannot find and isolate a human immuno-deficiency virus (HIV)
      • Why AIDS is NOT a sexually transmitted syndrome
      • Why the HIV=AIDS=DEATH hypothesis is fraudulent
      • Why the 'AIDS test' routinely throws up 'false positives'
      • How a positive 'AIDS test' result is being used to traumatise patients and coerce them into taking highly toxic drugs
      • What REALLY is causing the immune suppression
      • How the man who 'popularised AIDS' was subsequently convicted of science fraud
      • Why Africa is NOT being devastated by HIV
      • The real story behind these African illnesses
      • The real story behind the Western-led AIDS 'agenda'
      • How 'AIDS sufferers' who learn the truth are curing themselves of HIV AIDS

      These are just a few of the myths put to bed in the fascinating book from Stephen Ransom and Philip Day, The Truth About HIV. Find out more about it here, or click on one of the links below for other HIV AIDS related information.

      Here is the kind of nonsense currently being reported about HIV / AIDS

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