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      High cholesterol symptoms

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      High cholesterol symptoms

      We are often asked "what are high cholesterol symptoms"? Many people have been told that they have high cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia), many more think they have high cholesterol, but are not sure what it is or how to measure it.  We are frequently asked if there is a specific high cholesterol symptom or collection of high cholesterol symptoms that will help people identify if they have a problem or are likely to have a problem with hypercholesterolemia.  

      This is somewhat of a difficult question, not least because high cholesterol is itself a symptom of another problem - namely Vitamin C deficiency (chronic scurvy), as identified by twice Nobel laureate, Linus Pauling in the 1970s.  As a result, the symptoms you would expect to be associated with hypercholesterolemia as actually the symptoms of chronic scurvy, namely leaky blood vessels, and desperate attempts by the body to block those leaks, usually with its most easily available filler - cholesterol!

      Now, you may think scurvy is a thing of the past, and, in its acute form, which killed huge amounts of sailors and those who used to travel by sea, it is.  However, along with many other nutrients, such as the other vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids and trace elements, the diet of most people (and especially the North American diet) in the Western World is so nutritionally deficient that chronic diseases that never used to exist are killing more and more people every year.

      How can the Western diet be nutritionally deficient today, resulting in high cholesterol symptoms?

      This is simple question of supply and demand.

      The body DEMANDS nutrients - energy, minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids etc. 

      If the SUPPLY of these nutrients is lower than the DEMAND, something has to give.  The body up whatever stores it has (if any), then, selectively starts shutting down body processes in order of the least critical to life threatening until it can re-stock on the missing supplies.

      The result of this imbalance is DISEASE, and high cholesterol and its symptoms are nothing except a direct sign that the body is deficient in a specific nutrient - Vitamin C.

      High Cholesterol Symptoms or high cholesterol IS the symptom?

      The long and short of all this is that, rather than worrying about the symptoms of hypercholesterolemia, we should focus on the CAUSE of high cholesterol.  Once this balance shifs and we begin to remove the cause, high cholesterol and its symptoms will become a thing of the past.

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