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      The high cholesterol diet and lowering your cholesterol levels?

      You have been told that you have a high cholesterol diet, and that lowering your cholesterol levels is important, so what is a proper diet for high cholesterol, in fact, what is a high cholesterol diet?

      In fact, these are two very different questions, but both have similar answers.

      What is a high cholesterol diet?
      First of all, there is no such thing as a high cholesterol diet. Yes, you heard that correctly, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A HIGH CHOLESTEROL DIET!

      Regardless of the amount of cholesterol in your diet, your liver will make however much cholesterol your body needs, period.  High cholesterol diet or low cholesterol diet, your cholesterol levels will be the same - why?  Check out our cholesterol page for full details.

      Put simply, it doesn't matter whether your diet is high in cholesterol or low in cholesterol - cholesterol is so important to your body that it can, and does make as much AND ONLY AS MUCH CHOLESTEROL AS IT NEEDS.

      Does it matter that you have a "high cholesterol diet"?
      In a word, NO, a high cholesterol diet is irrelevant - as long as you are properly nourished, have enough vitamin C in your system and sufficient antioxidants included in your high cholesterol diet.

      As explained on our cholesterol page, the issue is not your high cholesterol diet, it is your dietary lack of vitamin C that causes high cholesterol levels, so stop worrying about your high cholesterol diet and cholesterol levels and start worrying about your vitamin C intake!

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