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      Alliance for Natural Health wins the first battle in the war over the "illegal" European Food Supplements Directive.

      In what can only be described as a landmark victory, the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) yesterday (5th April) celebrated a huge vistory over Codex Alimentarius and its friends in Government with the announcement by a European Judge that the proposed European Food Supplements Directive is illegal.

      Advocate General Geelhoed of the European Court of Justice announced his opinion that the ANH was correct to challenge the directive and that, in his opinion, the directive was illegal.

      No nutritional content in most foods
      Due to the rapidly declining vitamin and mineral content in most foods (see modern farming methods), many people now rely ENTIRELY on food supplements for their daily requirements of vitamins and minerals, whilst the majority of the population suffers increasing levels of disease as a result of the chronic malnutrition caused by the consumption of foods utterly devoid of meaningful nutritional value.

      The food supplements directive would have made this situation even worse by denying these forward-thinking people access to the very supplements that many believe are the only thing that keeps them healthy.? Over 75% of all food supplements would have been banned by the directive, which was due to come into force on August 1 2005.? It would have classed all supplements as "drugs", meaning that manufacturers would have had to put together hugely expensive dossiers to prove that natural products, including nutrients in their natural forms are safe - a prohibitively expensive exercise for this low-margin industry.

      The utter stupidity of the directive is clear to anyone with a basic understanding of nutrition.? The directive would have meant that:-

      • The natural, effective for of Vitamin E would have been banned, whilst synthetic versions that have been linked to dangers would be allowed.

      • The synthetic form of the essential mineral selenium would be allowed, but its natural alternative, found in brazil nuts, would not.

      • The very people that recently legislated to make cannabis legal would have criminalised Vitamin C, the body's main protection against heart disease!

      Whilst this victory is a welcome one, the war is not over yet and Natural Health Information Centre urges EVERYONE to back this campaign to ensure we all have access to the nutrients we need now and for the future.? The ruling on the directive will not be known until around June, but it would be very unusual to ignore the Advocate General's opinion.?

      By contacting your MP, you can help make sure that this oppressive directive is consigned to the history books under the heading "what might have been".

      Click the following link for the full press release from ANH.

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