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      Collagen. Ground-up chickens feet -
      the "collagen" in your skin lotion!

      Collagen is an insoluble, fibrous protein that is too large a molecule to penetrate the skin, i.e. no matter how much is present in a cosmetic, it WILL NOT GET INTO YOUR SKIN. The collagen found in most skin care products is derived from animal skins and ground-up chicken feet! Whilst it is a major body component, the form used in cosmetics is foreign and does not even get absorbed through the skin, much less help "rebuild it" as some products claim.

      When applied to the skin, most collagen products form a film layer, which can stop oxygen transport, suffocating the skin.

      Known health effects: May block pores, suffocating the skin. Eye irritation, skin irritation, skin drying, defatting. Ingestion has serious health effects that can include death and coma.

      Commonly found in:

      • shampoo
      • conditioner
      • moisturising lotion
      • toner

      Elastin (elastin of high molecular weight)

      Elastin is another skin component, similar to collagen, which, in its natural form is responsible for keeping skin supple. The elastin in skin products, like that of collagen, is derived mainly from animal sources. It's effect is similar to collagen.

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