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      Bentonite, Kaolin, Lanolin

      Bentonite (sodium bentonite, quaternium-18 bentonite) is a soft, porous clay that expands to many times its own volume as it absorbs water. Often found in cosmetic foundations, bentonite's thick consistency enables bentonite to clog pores and suffocate the skin, preventing normal oxygen transport.

      Known health effects of bentonite: Bentonite may block pores, suffocating the skin. Bentonite has also been linked to asthma and lung injury.

      Bentonite has also been linked to Eye irritation, skin irritation, skin drying, defatting. Ingestion of bentonite has serious health effects which may include death.

      Bentonite is commonly found in:

      • foundation
      • anti-perspirant
      • shampoo

      Bentonite can also be found in

      • cat litter
      • joint compound
      • putty

      KAOLIN and Lanolin have very similar properties to Bentonite and can have similar effects.

      Many cosmetic manufacturers add bentonite to their products to attract water from the deeper layers of the skin to the surface.  Whilst this bentonite can "puff up" superficial layers of the skin, it does so at the expense of dehydrating the lower, living layers of skin, damaging the cells in the process.

      It is through methods like this that bentonite and other chemicals added to "anti-wrinkle" products do more harm than good and eventually can lead to permanent skin damage.

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