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      Defending against the Flu and the vaccine

      About the author


      Brian of the Adamson family©

      Brian is an independent writer and avid reader of many subjects from the esoteric to the forgotten knowledge of ancient history.

      Initially trained in the diagnostic discipline of neurophysiology (diagnosing brain and nerve disease) within the British National Health Service (NHS), he achieved the highest possible distinction of winning the national prize in his professional qualifications.

      Thereafter, he went to work in the UK pharmaceutical industry, where he performed a number of roles, including sales, marketing, business development and clinical research, before moving on to medical education and publishing, where he oversaw and helped write and produce medical training materials and professional medical journals. In all, his “orthodox” medical career spanned over 16 years from 1985 to 2001. It took almost as long to "un-learn" the errors of corporate "healthcare"!

      It was about this time that Brian was introduced by a friend to the concepts and theories behind natural health, which he then began to pursue and investigate. Finding much more truth and humanity in these principles, he began to write about his findings, launching Natural Health Information Centre in 2002 as a vehicle to communicate this to the World.

      Since then, he has further broadened his interest to related subjects such as reiki (in which he is a trained practitioner), the spiritual aspects of health and the scientific background to natural health principles. He is particularly interested in how modern sciences such as quantum physics and modern theories on the nature of reality support the principles of spirituality.

      He is also intensely interested in and driven by a desire to maintain and support human rights, and in particular, to halt the abuse of such rights by modern Corporate “Government”.

      Author’s appeal

      I have produced this booklet for the good of humanity, that we might prevent the carnage planned by global health “authorities” in the guise of this (and most, if not all other) pandemic(s).

      In order to maximise the reach of the message, this publication was made available for free. If you found it useful (which I sincerely hope you have), please consider making a donation, however small, to help fund the continuation of my work, which is otherwise entirely voluntary and unpaid.


      My sincere thanks and gratitude to all of you who found this information worthy of a small contribution.

      Copying and redistribution

      This booklet may be copied and redistributed IN ITS ENTIREITY without restriction. Please feel free to copy it and send it to your friends, that they may benefit from the information contained herein.

      Any part of this booklet may be used, without restriction, provided that its source is properly cited and (where possible) linked to http://www.zqtdbq.com


      Whilst this booklet has been produced entirely at my own effort and in my own time, I am eternally indebted to the visionaries whose fearless and ceaseless work has helped me to the position of understanding that I now occupy.

      Although the list is not exhaustive. This includes:

      Weston H Pryce
      Linus Pauling
      Phillip Day
      Steven Ransom
      Lynne McTaggart
      Sumuel S Epstein
      Deepak Chopra
      Neal Donald Walsch
      Katrina Patrick
      Veronica of the Chapman family

      And other authors of conscience too numerous to mention.

      Disclaimer....sort of!

      The medical “regulatory” authorities of virtually all countries are now so completely under the control of the pharmaceutical industry that they try to suppress, ridicule and eventually criminalise ANYONE who has the gall to suggest that there is ANY other way of preventing or treating disease than with toxic pharmaceuticals (this is the actual official policy, for example, of the FDA in the USA).

      As a consequence, I am required, by those bodies to include a statement supporting their immoral monopoly and refuting the effectiveness of any other means of prophylaxis (prevention) or treatment.

      I steadfastly refuse to do this and strongly suggest that anyone concerned about these matters look into the organisation, membership and control of these quasi-Governmental “agencies”, which exist for the sole purpose of delivering to BIG pharma gargantuan profits on an ever-increasing scale.

      For more independent health information please see www.zqtdbq.com

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